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Multi USB Cable (M211 5-in-1 Cable)


This Multi USB Cable with 5 different interfaces supports all the ports you need for both data transfer and charging various batteries and devices. You get a Multi Charger Cable with USB C, USB A, micro USB and more connectivity than any 3 in 1 cables in the market.


  • Universal Data Charging Cable:
    Provides all types of adaptor combinations including the USB C to USB A, USB C to USB C and many others. More and more devices are adopting the use of USB C. Our cable offers the unique advantage of switching from a USB A to USB C, allowing you to charge most devices including phones, laptops, tablets with only one cable. This cable is great for every day use making traveling easy with no cable clutter in your bagpack.

  • Low Profile:
    We have used short durable rubber strings to attach the connectors instead of long wire branches occupying space.

  • Super Fast Charging:
    Our charging cord has a tin-plated copper core that reduces resistance, boosting transfer speed. It's perfect for newer devices built with fast charging technology. It can reach up to 3A.

  • Data Transmission:
    Unlike other cables that support only charging, ours also enables you to transfer data in 480 Mbps - USB 2.0.

  • Focused Fast Charging:
    Utilizing this design allows you to conduct the entire electricity focused on one device at a time. Other cables with multiple-wire concept drastically reduce the simultaneous charging speed.

  • Easy Connector Access :
    Short distance of connectors allows you to reach the connectors way faster and easier.

  • Elegant and Extremely Durable:
    Made of pure copper wire, our multi USB charger has passed weight-bearing tests of up to 20kg. It’s braided with premium cotton, metallic color, and organizer strap giving it a luxurious look.

Tech Features

  • Adaptive with Android/iOS Systems:
    Our USB charging cable features a smart electronic chip that automatically adjusts the current for safe charging your phone, tablet, and laptop.

  • Data Transmission:
    Transmits data to a phone at a speed of 480 Mbps, and to a laptop at 1G/25 seconds

  • Cable Quality:
    Aluminum foil shielding and TPE outer layer increases durability

Performance Report

MANINAM Multi charging cable Performance