The Fastest USB C Car Charger: Turbotive™Technology-Equipped M113 MANINAM

The Fastest USB C Car Charger: Turbotive™Technology-Equipped M113 MANINAM

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MANINAM, the California-based tech company that specializes in developing Fast Charging electronic solutions, is turning heads with its M113 Pioneer PPS car charger.

Brad Bartlett
Technical Writer

what is PPS technology

How Does PPS Charging Work?

Programmable Power Supply (PPS) Technology is the most advanced charging technology by USB-IF for USB-C devices. Before diving deeper, let's review a few electrical engineering concepts in simple terms:

Current: The flow of electricity from charger to your battery.
Voltage: The Voltage is similar to an amount of pressure behind the flow described above.
Power: The electrical Power is the multiplication of Voltage and Current.

PPS is uniquely adaptive to any device by changing the voltage in 0.02V increments and matches the voltage to your device battery. The technology modifies the voltage and current in real-time depending on your charging status. The key is that the charger tries to feed your phone with maximum power.

But you may ask, how?!

When your battery's charging status is less than 10%, it has more tendency to accept current, as if the battery's appetite to accept current is high! This is the reason why you may feel higher temperature around the charging port and the connector when the battery level is low while charging. As your battery gets full, the current will go down. This is because your battery loses the appetite as it gets full. Hence, when the current will continue to go down, we may expect the charging power to go down as well. But the key point about our PPS chargers is that it starts to increase the voltage incrementally in 0.02V to compensate the lack of current. In fact, PPS increases the voltage to increase the pressure behind the current to keep the charger power up.

Charging speed is highly dependent on your cable resistance, connector chip, environmental temperature and even sometimes you vehicle battery.

PPS chargers are more sensitive to the above parameters. It is because the chip inside the charger reprograms the voltage and current not based on certain default values, but based on the your device battery condition. If you leave your phone in hot temperature environment, due to the fact that the battery temperature increases, it's appetite to accept higher current will decrease. Hence, PPS charger will not feed extra current than the battery's appetite. The decreasing charging efficiency goes back to entropy hypothesis in thermodynamics. If you are interested in this topic, please email us! For example, you may notice that a Samsung S20, S20+ Plus, Ultra, Note 10+ Plus or an iPhone 11, at less than %10 battery level, charges at about 2.5-3A current, and about 1A current at %90 battery level. Therefore, the PPS incremental voltage increases maintains the charging power and results in super fast charging! Please check out our PPS car chargers and Multi USB cable !


What is Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 (QC5)?

Qualcomm has developed a new fast charging technology known as Quick Charge 5, that is leveraging the existing Programmable Power Supply (PPS technology) to deliver charging power up to over 100 watts to devices. This is up to 4 to 5 times higher power than the existing QC3 and QC4 technologies. It is important to mention that 100 watts could be achieved with the ideal cable that supports up to 5.6A. In addition to the PPS technology in which the charger adapter negotiates with the device by regulating the voltage, the device itself needs to take advantage of Qualcomm’s SMB1396 switched-cap converters and new SMB1398 battery PMIC architecture. This will allow the battery to get an input of up to 20 V which will lead to eventually over 100 Watts with the right cable. MANINAM team is planning to leverage the QC5 technology adaptability in our charging products.


MANINAM Compact Wall Chargers

New Compact Wall Charger 22W

Some phone manufacturers have opted not to include a charger with their new devices as part of their environment-conservation efforts. Although a noble endeavour, it leaves many of their users searching for a power adapter for their phones. If you're in the same situation, then you must be wondering which of the many choices available is best for your specific model or brand. Luckily, we have an adapter that can swiftly and safely power up even the latest modern devices.

We are launching Compact Travel Wall Chargers to the market for the first time in January 2021. You may have noticed our chargers are SUPER FAST and ADAPTIVE with most devices. Now, we are excited to introduce Wall Chargers that are 40%-60% smaller than ordinary chargers! What you will get from our new Wall Chargers:


First version of our wall charger provides 20W power output which makes it 3x faster than the old, traditional 5W chargers. Also, the USB-A port is equipped with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 system, while the USB-C port runs with a Programmable Power Supply (PPS) technology. All these features allow for optimal power delivery to phones and even high-power devices like laptops, so they're always ready for use even with short charging times. We will update this post as soon as we launch this product by the end of January 2021

Stay Tuned!

What is Turbotive Charging?

Turbotive is a concise terminology for the combination of ”TURBO” and “ADAPTIVE”. TURBO in charging refers to the acceleration of electrons flow from the power source to the recipient which is normally the battery in electronic devices. On the other hand, ADAPTIVE refers to the capability of power source to universally charge a wide variety of devices and batteries with different electronic specifications. For example, an ADAPTIVE Power Source is capable of charging various batteries with specific voltage design. MANINAM team has identified the need of the customers regarding what power source would match their devices best and provide the maximum charging efficiency. Hence, we decided to develop the terminology and any of our products which are labeled as “TURBOTIVE” come with the maximum adaptivity to varieties of devices in the market while they can deliver the maximum charging power safely and meet the standard of the device. Stay Tuned!

Turbotive technology